What Does A Quality Asphalt Parking Lot Say About Your Business

Key takeaways:

  • Customers will make assumptions about your business based on the state of your parking lot.
  • A well-maintained parking lot conveys that you take pride in your business and want to offer customers the best possible experience.
  • There are several reasons why a quality asphalt parking lot is essential for businesses: it makes an excellent first impression, it is accessible to everyone, safety comes first, investing in quality pays off, and it saves time.
  • Asphalt is also eco-friendly because it is made from natural materials that can be recycled.
  • Quality asphalt parking should be well-designed, constructed, and maintained by a professional contractor who knows how to get city permission and secure necessary permits.


Customers will make assumptions about your business based on the state of your parking lot. If it’s full of cracks and potholes, they may think you don’t care about your property—and by extension, them. On the other hand, a well-maintained parking lot sends a message that you take pride in your business and want to offer your customers the best possible experience. Here is everything about the quality asphalt parking lot and its importance for your business.

Reasons Why a Quality Asphalt Parking Lot Is Important for Your Business:

It Makes a Good First Impression

As mentioned before, your parking lot is often the first thing customers will see when they visit your business. First impressions matter, so ensuring your parking lot is in tip-top shape is essential. This first impression will set the tone for their entire visit, so you want to ensure it’s a good one! 

Accessible To Everyone

Your parking lot is an extension of your business and a significant investment because it offers consumers a comfortable spot to park their vehicles. By ensuring that your parking lot is safe and accessible to everyone, including customers and staff, you may lessen the danger of losing customers while demonstrating how much you care about their safety and well-being.

Safety Comes First

Cracks, potholes, and other damages can create trip hazards for pedestrians. Injuries sustained in your parking lot can result in lawsuits, damage your reputation, and discourage people from doing business with you. Don’t take the risk— invest in regular maintenance and repairs for your parking lot to keep it safe for everyone who uses it.

It Pays to Invest in Quality

Investing in a quality asphalt parking lot is an investment in your business. A properly maintained parking lot will last 20-30 years with minimal repairs—a significant return on investment!

On the other hand, an asphalt parking lot with potholes, cracks, ice, and snow is unsightly and can soon become a money pit in more ways than one. If these structural faults are ignored for too long, they will progress from minor aesthetic concerns to more severe core vulnerabilities. This can reduce your property’s value while discouraging customers from supporting your business.

Saves Time

Asphalt sets rapidly and can be walked on within one or two days, whereas concrete takes three or four days to set. Seasonal conditions can further impact the time it takes for concrete to set–sometimes up to a week–whereas asphalt is rarely affected by such changes.

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It is Eco-friendly

Asphalt is a sustainable product made from natural materials like sand, stone, and bitumen. It is also 100% recyclable—asphalt is the most recycled material in the world! Asphalt pavement can be removed and reused at the end of its lifespan, making it a very eco-friendly option for business owners.

What Does a Quality Parking Lot Say About Your Business?

A Quality Asphalt Parking Lot is Well-Designed

A well-designed parking lot takes into account the flow of traffic and directs drivers to available parking spaces in an efficient manner. It also uses space wisely, maximizing the number of parking spots while still leaving room for vehicles to move around quickly. It must also be appropriately laid out to comply with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) rules. A quality asphalt parking lot will be designed by a professional who understands the principles of traffic flow and can create a plan that will work well for your particular property.

A Quality Asphalt Parking Lot is Well-Constructed

A quality asphalt parking lot will be built using high-quality materials and construction methods. The base will be adequately compacted, and the asphalt will be applied in accordance with industry standards. These standards ensure that the finished product will be durable and long-lasting. A quality asphalt parking lot should also have drainage features to ensure that water pooling does not occur on the surface and cause problems down the road.

A Quality Asphalt Parking Lot is Well-Maintained

A quality asphalt parking lot requires regular maintenance to stay in good condition. This includes things like sealcoating, which protects the surface from damage caused by weathering, UV rays, and chemicals. It’s also essential to repair cracks promptly, so they don’t become more significant problems later. Regular maintenance extends the life of your asphalt parking lot and helps it look its best year after year.

Choose The Best Asphalt Contractor:

When selecting the proper contractor to fulfill your asphalt paving needs, there are several characteristics to consider. However, among the most crucial characteristics include their previous expertise with projects of a comparable scale and complexity, as well as their emphasis on providing exceptional customer service to satisfy your expectations.

Parking lot zoning regulations and requirements differ from city to city; before beginning any development, secure city permission and all necessary permits. A reliable asphalt contractor will know how to get your project started and should be able to answer any questions you have about asphalt paving.

Furthermore, a professional contractor would not hesitate to showcase their work and provide you with case studies and client testimonials. You should do your homework to see how they compare to the competition.

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