Pavement Maintenance, When and how often

A parking lot is often the most overlooked property asset most businesses have, even though your asphalt is the face of your business. Pavement maintenance services from a trusted paving contractor are the way to keep your commercial property looking good, but you need a plan.

Missouri’s Pavement Maintenance Experts Can Help

For businesses in Independence , MO, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the trusted commercial asphalt paving company that can keep up their parking lots, roadways, and more. Let’s examine what MO businesses need to know to craft their maintenance plan.

Commerical Pavement Maintenance in Independence MO

Your goal when keeping up your commercial asphalt is to get the most benefit for the most money, of course. This means choosing only the most cost-effective services at the right time to prevent costly repairs later.

A Stable Foundation

The effective investment you can make in your parking lot is during installation. A strong, stable asphalt base is the best defense against cracking, shifting, crumbling edges, and depressions. Proper grading of the area to be paved is crucial, as pooling water can cause all sorts of problems from the surface layer on down.

Preventative Maintenance

Your local paving company has developed plenty of services that will improve pavement flexibility and prevent issues like crack filling, sealcoating, and power washing. Of these, asphalt sealcoating is probably the best known and most cost-efficient. It provides a layer of protection against the factors that cause deterioration.

Prompt Response

Another very important thing to remember in making a plan for parking lot upkeep is to fix minor damage as soon as you notice it. Crack filling is a great service for this; it’s a low-cost way to prevent the cracks from getting any larger or turning into potholes.

Paradise Pavement Maintenance: Independence MO’s Parking Lot Experts

When you’re ready to make a plan to improve and maintain your commercial asphalt in Missouri communities like Blue Springs, MO, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the company to call. From routine maintenance to sealcoating and repairs, we have the expertise to keep your parking lot in excellent condition.

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