Crack Sealing

Asphalt crack sealing is the process of repairing cracks in parking lots and roadways to extend the lifespan, prevent potholes and other types of damage. Crack sealing also greatly improves the overall appearance.

Trust Paradise Pavement Maintenance to Restore your Commercial Asphalt in Kansas and Missouri.

Paradise Pavement Maintenance offers premium quality crack sealing services to property owners in Kansas and Missouri. We work on various commercial premises, including parking lots, office buildings, and shopping malls. Our experienced and skilled staff uses only the highest-quality asphalt paving materials and state-of-the-art paving equipment to guarantee your complete satisfaction.

Restore Cracked Asphalt with Crack Sealing from Paradise Pavement Maintenance

With over 14 years of experience in the paving industry, the asphalt experts at Paradise Pavement Maintenance understand all kinds of asphalt cracks and the reasons why pavement deteriorates. We’ll work with you to craft the right crack filling solution for your pavement and extend the life of your parking lot by years.

  • Why does asphalt crack?

    A major cause for cracks in asphalt surfaces is the result of constant exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet radiation. When the sun constantly beats down on the pavement it dries it out and causes it to become brittle, which results in cracks. Once the pavement cracks, water and debris enter these cracks and gradually erode the surface. It is also found that earth movements, poor drainage, and heavy traffic loads can also contribute to asphalt cracking.

  • What Are the Most Common Cracks in Asphalt Surfaces?

    Fatigue cracks, reflecting cracks, and block cracks are the most common cracks on commercial properties. These can worsen over time if not repaired by pavement professionals.

  • Our Crack Sealing Process

    Routing and cleaning the cracks of debris and grass is the first stage in our crack sealing process. The pavement cracks are packed with hot melted rubber, which is then topped off with a coating that clings to the top of the rubber, so it does not stick to tires, feet, or any other objects that pass over. This creates a brand-new asphalt surface that looks smooth and provides proper traction. Finishing off crack filling services with sealcoating is also a great way to restore a worn parking lot or other paved areas.

    Are you ready to restore a cracked parking lot? Contact Paradise Pavement Maintenance today!

Ready to restore a cracked parking lot? Contact Paradise Pavement Maintenance today!

At Paradise Pavement Maintenance, our aim is always to restore your asphalt pavement to its original condition.