Alligator Cracks Is A Real Thing, Folks! Here’s How To Deal With It!

Is your concrete driveway looking a bit different lately? If it’s starting to resemble alligator skin, then you’ve got a case of alligator cracks! Alligator cracks can hurt your pavement beyond repair, leaving you with a big replacement job. Not taking immediate action against them might turn into a deep regret soon. While all this might sound scary, don’t worry! Paradise Asphalt Maintenance shares a few effective ways to deal with alligator cracking.

What Causes Alligator Cracking?

Alligator cracks are caused by several factors such as poor drainage, vehicle traffic going over the pavement, or when the soil underneath your concrete is not properly compacted. It could also be caused due to extreme weather changes that cause uneven shrinkage in your concrete slabs.

While controlling many factors is unimaginable, you can avoid extreme results by following a basic pavement maintenance routine. Efficient pavement maintenance and repair is a pre-emptive way to resolve potential problems down the line.

How to Treat Alligator Cracks?

Hire a Reliable Contractor

A professional contractor is better equipped to assess the situation and provide a solution. You can repair alligator cracks, but it is crucial to seek professional help.

Contractors often offer a free inspection, so take advantage of that and have them take a look at your pavement. Some contractors will also do this as part of an annual maintenance plan.

Evaluate Problem Source

Drainage and damage to the pavement sub-base are all potential problem sources. Address these issues to prevent the alligator cracks from worsening.

If you have determined that drainage is your issue, re-grading and sloping the ground away from the pavement can help correct the drainage problem. You may also need to install new or bigger drains or alter your gutters and downspouts.

Remove Damaged Surface

Once you identify and repair the problem source, it’s time to remove the damaged surface. Be sure to remove all of the cracked and broken pavement to ensure the new pavement bonds well.

Once removed, sweep the area clean and check for any additional damage that may need repair. Pour a new layer of asphalt over the area, using a hot mix if possible. Compact the asphalt well so it bonds securely to the underlying surface.

Repair the Entire Surface

In some cases, repairing the entire surface is the best solution. If the cracking is widespread or if it’s challenging to identify the source, repairing the whole surface may be your best bet. This allows you to re-install the sub-base and avoid future cracking problems. A new asphalt surface provides 20 years of durability so that you can have peace of mind in your investment.

With Paradise Asphalt Maintenance, there’s no need for worry because we provide a full range of commercial and residential asphalt maintenance services, including repair from those pesky alligator cracks. Get a free estimate from our team in Kansas City today and eliminate those ungainly cracks.