Differences between Sealcoat and Slurrycoat

Sealcoat and slurry seal are two types of surface treatments used for asphalt pavement, and they can make a difference on a worn parking lot. However, these kinds of parking lot maintenance services need to be performed by the best paving contractor. In Olathe KS, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the best commercial paving company, offering both services at reasonable prices.

Though both pavement maintenance services are great for restoring an asphalt surface, the main difference between sealcoat and slurry seal is the composition and method of application.

  • Sealcoating

    Sealcoat is a thin layer of asphalt-based material that is applied to the surface of an existing pavement. Its main purpose is to protect the pavement from the damaging effects of weather and UV radiation. Sealcoat also provides a fresh, black appearance to the pavement, which can enhance its overall appearance. Sealcoat is typically applied with a brush or sprayer and dries to form a smooth, even surface.

  • Slurry Coating

    Slurry seal or slurry coating, on the other hand, is a mixture of water, asphalt emulsion, fine aggregate, and mineral filler. It is applied to the surface of existing pavement and fills small cracks, improves the overall texture and appearance of the pavement, and provides a protective layer against weather and UV damage. Unlike sealcoat, slurry seal is applied as a liquid and sets to form a semi-solid, dense surface.

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