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In Kansas cities like Shawnee, KS, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the paving company that knows the ins and outs of every kind of paving service imaginable, from basic pothole patching to extensive parking lot installation complete with signage. We put our 15+ years of experience into every paving project we serve in Kansas and Missouri, serving residential, business, industrial, and municipal customers. Our team always offers cost-effective solutions due to planning that lets us pass the savings on every project onto our valued clients.

Paving Services in Shawnee KS


  • KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM – We have a knowledgeable team of people prepared to partner with you every step of the way!
  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – We provide quality customer service and work ethic to ensure your satisfaction is ALWAYS met!
  • 15+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Our team has over 15+ years of commercial asphalt experience in the Metro Area!
  • ASP FAMILY OF COMPANIES – Our connection with our ASP Family of Companies allows us to provide quality services locally and nationally with the assistance of our sister companies!

Enjoy Shawnee, KS

One of the loveliest corners of Johnson County, KS, Shawnee is a part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. It is one of the vibrant reasons for visiting Kansas City, and growth is steadily rising locally.

Shawnee originally served as a government road that connected Fort Riley to Fort Leavenworth. Throughout the mid-19th century, the Santa Fe Trail and Oregon Trail branches saw settlers travel through the area. It was an essential part of the movement westward, mainly after Shawnee was adequately laid out as a town in 1857.

The area has parks that are always worth a visit, such as Mill Creek Streamway Park. It has trails that run about 16 miles long. The Servaes Brewing Company is one of several brewing companies in the area with popular and exciting tastes in craft beer. The 1950s All-Electric House shows a look back in time to classic cars and the way of electricity as it existed throughout the decades.

Whether it is a simple patch job or a complicated multi-lot paving project, contact Paradise Pavement Maintenance today.