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Are you seeking a quality paving company that won’t break the bank? Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the paving contractor to call in Raytown, MO, because we provide pre-installation services combined with post-installation maintenance and management. Our cost-effective solutions pass the savings onto you every time, and we adhere to realistic schedules that work around yours to ensure there are no work stoppages and that all work is done in a timely manner. For over 15 years, we’ve been Missouri’s top-rated paving contractor, able to provide this great state with services like bollard installation, parking lot maintenance and striping, concrete crack filling, and more.

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Paving Services in Raytown, MO


  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – We provide quality customer service and work ethic to ensure your satisfaction is ALWAYS met!
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  • 15+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Our team has over 15+ years of commercial asphalt experience in the Metro Area.

All About Vibrant Raytown, MO

If you’re looking for beauty, look no further than Raytown. A city in Jackson County, MO, is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. It was developed throughout the 19th and early 20th centuries as pioneers moved westward, seeking arable land and fresh water.

The city was named for William Ray, who established a blacksmith shop in the area back around 1848. Everything revolved around it, leading to the moniker Ray’s Town, which became Raytown. There is a historical market in the town that shows the location of that shop.

It’s always a great time to pop on down to the Raytown Historical Society and Museum, the place that shows a look back into the history of the area going all the way back to the 1870s. If that’s not your interest, there are escape rooms, bars, and other day-to-day entertainment of all flavors for everyone to enjoy. If you’re more interested in a stroll, go down to Olde Town to look at the local shops and take in the scenery of the area while absorbing the quaintness of it.

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