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In Kansas communities like the illustrious Prairie Village, KS, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the paving company to call for all of your paving solutions, like asphalt maintenance, seal coating, parking lot installation, and more. We are able to take care of everything imaginable, from basic pothole repairs to extensive asphalt parking lots complete with new signage and striping. For more than 15 years, we have been the premiere Kansas professional paving providers for local property owners, from grading to crackfilling. Our paving experts have the skills necessary and the knowledge base so that we can tackle complications as they come up and deliver you the quality service we offer on time.

Paving Services in Prairie Village, KS


  • ASP FAMILY OF COMPANIES – Our connection with our ASP Family of Companies allows us to provide quality services both locally and nationally with the assistance of our sister companies!
  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – We provide quality customer service and work ethic to ensure your satisfaction is ALWAYS met!
  • 15+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Our team has over 15+ years of commercial asphalt experience in the Metro Area!
  • KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM – We have a knowledgeable team of people prepared to partner with you every step of the way!

Enjoy Beautiful Prairie Village, KS

One of the sterling examples of Kansas beauty is Prairie Village, a city in Johnson County within the Kansas City Metropolitan Area. It is known for being part of the various trails and thoroughfares for people traveling westward.

Real estate magnate J. C. Nichols was responsible for the development of Johnson County, being instrumental in Prairie Village being platted in 1941. It was named for Prairie School, which was established almost a century before that point. It was named the best-planned community in America in 1949 by the National Association of Home Builders.

The Johnson County Museum is one of the best sources of entertainment and education for children and adults alike, documenting the history of Johnson County through the last 200 years through the lens of land, regionalism, and policy. Harmon Park is the place to go for outdoor events and family fun every day. It features a pool area, multiple amenities including a skate park, and ten tennis courts.

No matter the scale of your project or the specifics of your needs, give Paradise Pavement Maintenance a call today!