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In Overland Park KS, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the most trusted paving company because we always value our local property owners, work with integrity, and have some of the most experienced asphalt contractors in the industry. Our experienced commercial paving contractors have worked closely with Kansas and Missouri business owners and property managers to improve their properties with asphalt paving, patching, sealcoating, and crack sealing.

Top Commercial Paving Services in Overland Park KS


  • Our entire asphalt paving team values communication, so we always make sure our clients understand our asphalt paving services and the timeline in which the paving project will be completed.
  • The asphalt experts at Paradise Pavement Maintenance have over 14 years in the asphalt industry, making our contractors some of the most experienced and well-trained in the industry.
  • With advanced planning and a thorough understanding of asphalt paving technologies, we strive to complete each paving project in time for less than our competitors.

Overland Park KS

The second-most populous city in the state of Kansas, Overland Park KS is a city in Johnson County just west of the Kansas/Missouri border. It is the most populous suburb of Kansas City, Missouri with a population of 197,238 as of the 2020 census. Overland Park was platted back in 1905 and grew in population and importance until it was incorporated as a city in 1960. The population of the town grew exponentially after that until it is the thriving community known today.

The area around Overland Park is a lovely place full of botanical gardens, arboretums, and farmsteads. Deanna Rose Children’s Farmstead is a nearby zoo and farmstead where you can purchase top-tier foods and spend the entire day with the family. The Museum at Pririefire is another great place to visit in the area. The Overland Park Convention Center is a very large part of the culture of the local area that features a lot of fun events like concerts and sports events. Whatever you’re into, Overland Park has something for the whole family.

Commercial Paving Services

Commercial paving services play a crucial role in ensuring that the paved surfaces in commercial properties are safe, durable, and functional for both employees and customers, but only a reputable local paving contractor can help local businesses maintain their pavement.

In Overland Park KS, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the most trusted commercial paving contractor, serving the entire Kansas City MO area with superior services like parking lot paving, asphalt repair, and sealcoating. We can take care of all our local clients’ commercial paving needs throughout the pavement’s life from installation to resurfacing.

What Commercial Paving Services Can Do for Area Businesses

  • Create beautiful, functional parking lots, loading zones, and other paved spaces

    A safe parking lot starts with proper installation because it ensures that your pavement lasts. Commercial paving services offered by reputable asphalt paving companies include site preparation, grading, excavation, and drainage installation, as well as the installation of new pavements or the repair of existing ones.

  • Keep parking lots and commercial pavement in good condition over time

    Commercial paving services also include professional asphalt repairs such as crack filling and asphalt patching. By repairing pavement damage as soon as it gets noticed, you present expensive asphalt resurfacing or replacement services.

  • Prevent common sources of pavement deterioration with regular maintenance

    To prolong the life of the pavement and maintain its appearance, professional commercial paving contractors also offer pavement maintenance services such as sealcoating and crack sealing. It’s important to have an asphalt maintenance plan to ensure that commercial pavement stays protected.

Superior Quality Commercial Paving Services in Overland Park KS: Paradise Pavement Maintenance

Don’t let your parking lot dull and crack over time! Contact Paradise Pavement Maintenance to discuss what commercial paving services are right for your Overland Park pavement!