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If you’re seeking the best paving services in Leavenworth KS, Paradise Pavement Maintenance has you covered. For over 15 years, we have been a professional provider of services in Kansas, such as asphalt installation, parking lot repair, grading, seal coating, and more. Our skilled and knowledgeable paving experts are the ones you can trust to take care of every paving work imaginable, from pothole repairs to full-scale parking lots. Local property owners trust us for their asphalt and concrete paving work because our cost-effective solutions are planned ahead of time, adhere to a realistic schedule, and have the technical know-how to deliver all work within your budget.

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  • KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM – We have a knowledgeable team of people prepared to partner with you every step of the way!
  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – We provide quality customer service and work ethic to ensure your satisfaction is ALWAYS met!
  • 15+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Our team has over 15+ years of commercial asphalt experience in the Metro Area!
  • ASP FAMILY OF COMPANIES – Our connection with our ASP Family of Companies allows us to provide quality services locally and nationally with the assistance of our sister companies!

Things to Do in Leavenworth, KS

The county seat and largest seat of Leavenworth County, KS, Leavenworth is part of the Kansas City metropolitan area. The original site was built in 1827, having a vital role as a supply base in the settlement of the American West.

The actual city was founded in 1854 as the first city incorporated in the territory of Kansas. It was developed just south of Fort Leavenworth. It was seen as a refuge for many, including those seeking freedom from Missouri across the river. The early constitution of the state was known as the Leavenworth Constitution. It was adopted here but never formally recognized by the federal government.

The area is steeped in American History and is certainly the best place to go if you want to experience part of how the American West was explored and platted. Ft Leavenworth Army Installation has features dating back to its first establishment, including the Old Disciplinary Barracks and the Buffalo Soldier Memorial Park. Beyond that, antique malls, other museums and memorial pieces, and the local Richard Allen Cultural Center provide another great look into what happened in Kansas back in the day.

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