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For paving contracting services that never fail to meet our customers’ exacting standards, Paradise Pavement Maintenance is the company to call in Gardner, KS. For over a decade and a half, we have been the top paving professionals providing asphalt installation, crack filling, parking lot maintenance, and more in the great state of Kansas. Our skilled contractors are able to complete your work in a timely fashion, deliver emergency repairs whenever necessary, and are trained in all of the comprehensive asphalt services that we provide.

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Paving Services in Gardner, KS


  • KNOWLEDGEABLE TEAM – We have a knowledgeable team of people prepared to partner with you every step of the way!
  • QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE – We provide quality customer service and work ethic to ensure your satisfaction is ALWAYS met!
  • 15+ YEARS OF EXPERIENCE – Our team has over 15+ years of commercial asphalt experience in the Metro Area!
  • ASP FAMILY OF COMPANIES – Our connection with our ASP Family of Companies allows us to provide quality services both locally and nationally with the assistance of our sister companies!

Things to Do in Gardner, KS

An example of the pristine beauty of Kansas, Gardner is a city in Johnson County. Today, it’s one of the growing examples of why Kansas is a great place to move or visit today, no matter what your interests might be.

The city was founded where trails divided, the Oregon/California Trails and the Santa Fe Trail. It was founded as a Free-Stater settlement in 1857, with emigrants from Massachusetts being the lion’s share of the migrants to the area. The first post office was established in 1858, making it quite official that it was here to stay.

You can explore the remnants of these trails today, the official Gardner Junction on the Santa Fe Trail being the best place to go. It’s a small park that shows the connections between it and the Oregon/California Trails. Beyond that, the KCPL Prairie Wetlands is the one place where you can experience the resplendent natural loveliness of Kansas. The Gardner Historical Museum is the place to get that vital look back into the history of this important city in United States history.

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