4 Ways To Minimize Business Disruption During A Commercial Asphalt Paving Project

When it comes to undertaking asphalt paving projects, such as parking lots and other paved areas, at your commercial property, you want the work done quickly and efficiently by professional paving contractors. If these projects are not well planned, your business activities can be disrupted, resulting in customer complaints and possibly revenue losses.

You can avoid problems and expensive downtime due to paving and asphalt surface maintenance projects by choosing a competent paving contractor like Paradise Pavement Maintenance in Kansas City, MO.

While executing a commercial paving project, you should follow the measures mentioned in this guide to ensure your project is completed with as little disruption possible.

Planning Ahead

Weather is a crucial element to consider when paving; the colder months are not suitable because asphalt needs higher temperatures to cure properly. You’ll also need to think about your company’s business cycles and special events, such as Christmas sales, plan strategically to achieve project success best. To keep disruption to a minimum, scheduling pavement work during less hectic hours is essential.

Working in Phases

Most property owners would like to get done with paving projects sooner than later. However, sometimes it is best to break down an extensive paving or asphalt repair project in phases. There may be various reasons for employing this approach, such as a limited budget. You may want to complete the phases during the same season or over several weeks or months.

A business owner with several paved areas that need to be worked on will be sure to alternate their paved surfaces to minimize disruptions for each lot. Closing one space entirely while directing customers elsewhere may cause difficulties with overflow on other lots, causing minor inconveniences. Still, you’ll have ample extra capacity overall, thanks to this smart approach.

Keep Changes in the Project Plan to a Minimum

During the project, the work schedule may need to be adjusted occasionally by you or the contractor due to unavoidable circumstances. Experienced contractors will do all they can to keep these changes to a minimum. They know that too many modifications might lengthen not only the project duration but also raise its cost.

Most professional paving companies employ project managers who serve as the primary point of contact throughout the project. They assure that work continues according to the schedule unless there are exceptional circumstances. If such situations arise, potential change orders to the original contract are delivered immediately and clearly to the customer.

Choosing a Professional Contractor

When executing an asphalt paving project, keeping the disruptions to a minimum and achieving the desired results depends on the contractor working on the project. That’s why hiring an experienced, professional contractor is critical for the success of your project.

The best contractors like Paradise Pavement Maintenance in Kansas City, MO, display the following qualities: they are licensed and insured, they have excellent communication skills, they have extensive knowledge & experience working with asphalt, they have a great reputation, hire a professional crew, and keep high-quality equipment. You should get quotes from several contractors. Reach out to people in your industry for recommendations or inquire about getting a list of satisfied customers who you can contact for referrals.

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